The Suzuki Supercarry

It has proved very popular with many different types of businesses including florists, newsagents & tradesmen / women in both van & pick-up versions.

Then in 1986 along came the Bedford Rascal version & with it came an increased engine size (now a full 1 litre engine capacity!!) and many other improvements which later included a 5 speed gear box.

Both vehicles are still very popular & proving to be very good workhorses but new spares can be expensive & used spares are hard to find. But not any more!

Please note: some parts have become obsolete.

One Rascal did the Mongol Rally

An 8,000 mile trip to raise money for the "send a cow" charity, we donated a service and some parts for the vehicle as sponsorship. The Website is worth a visit as it is interesting to see the types of vehicle that took part in this rally and the near non existent roads they had to travel on! The vehicle did the rally and covered 16,000 miles. www.mongolrally.com

How far will a Rascal go?


We are a business specialising in Rascal / Super carry. We hold a good selection of used spares for both van & pick-up both the Bedford & Suzuki version. We also stock a range of new and used parts for Motor homes and Campers from both Bedford and Suzuki, and all our spares are tested & guaranteed & removed from the vehicle ready for dispatch.

We can also supply new parts at competitive prices & can dispatch same day if required (subject to availability). We also buy damaged or MOT failure Rascals / Supercarrys / Romahomes / Bambi.

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