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The Carry has power steering as standard, along with fuel injection, and central door locking.

One slight drawback of the Carry is that the floor height in the rear area is higher than the earlier Supercarry, but it is still possible to convert it into a basic, everyday camper/MPV. Although a pop-up roof is the best option for reasonable headroom, (when the roof is down,) as with a fixed roof it can be a bit restricted.
We can source the vehicle for you or you can provide your own for us to convert..

We have built a couple of the Carry Campers (as we like to call them) and we can provide a simple conversion with fixed roof, right up to a smart little camper with lift up roof. The lift up roof version has telescopic dampers to assist in raising the roof, in fact a gentle push upwards will raise the roof rather like opening a tailgate on a hatchback/estate car, and it really is that easy to raise.

We can supply and install windows as you wish, which can come with clear glass, slight tint, or even Limo black for total privacy. The one in the photos has the slight tint option.

The interior is built using the popular "Vohringer" ply, which is very lightweight, yet very strong and is available in several finishes. We can supply samples as required.

The edges are trimmed with plastic edging which gives a professional lasting, finish.

The upholstery we use again is available in many colours, the one in the photos was supplied by our customer of this particular vehicle, but the material we use would be a fire retardant material and so is the foam used in the seats. We can supply samples as required.

We also use quality fittings for the sink and hob, using "Smev" devices which we feel are of excellent quality, and designed to give years of reliable service.

Mains hook up can be fitted along with a 2nd battery if required. We are happy to advise you on any aspect of the electrical system.

If you think the Carry Camper might meet your needs, and you would like more information then please call us to discuss further, without any obligation what-so-ever.
We are only too happy to advise you !!.
More photos available on request.

The Carry Camper

The Carry Camper : " The Everyday Camper "  Drives like car, but at the weekend it is a camper!

The Suzuki Carry was introduced in 1999, and is a totally different vehicle to the earlier "Supercarry". The Carry has a 1.3 cc overhead cam engine, which is more powerful than the earlier 970cc engine used in the "supercarry", These vans were sold from 1999 through to December 2005. You will notice the Carry has a small bonnet, but the engine is still located under the front seats.



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