Restoration & Conversions

Here are some examples of our previous restorations and conversions

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Previous Restoration & Conversions

Over the past few years we have seen a number of Bedford Rascal based Campers, and here we would like to tell you more about the Bedford Rascal or Suzuki Supercarry Panel van based campers, that have restored or converted in the past.

The Bedford Danbury campers for example, are a clever little camper, giving you a good everyday vehicle and at the same time an easy to use camper or picnic van.

The only problem is finding one for sale !, we sold 3 last year that we were lucky to find but we have had many more enquiries so we are going to produce a few vans that we will build ourselves, these will be hand built by us using good quality materials.

There will be a fixed roof or a “pop up” roof version.

The interior will be basic but comfortable and will provide all you need to get “out and about”, the van is small so it is necessary to keep things simple in order to leave as much room as possible for moving about once inside. The Rascal Van based camper is an excellent vehicle to use in conjunction with a small tent, that way you get more space on site but at the same time the typical British weather won’t catch you out !, you will be sleeping nice and snug in your camper .

We can also offer

A rebuild service to anyone who owns a Rascal based camper such as a Danbury or Wheelhome, or any other version, as long as it is based on either a Bedford Rascal or Suzuki Supercarry Vehicle then we can carry out all repairs or renovations as required. No job is too small or too large, we are happy to carry out any work required, including engine overhauls or bodywork repairs, we can also fit upgrades such as additional batteries etc, so if you are considering buying a small camper or you have an idea of a small camper in mind but are not sure where to start , or need repairs to the one you have then give us a call and we will be happy to discuss the options available.

We are also interested in purchasing Bedford rascal or Suzuki supercarry based campers that are in need of attention or are surplus to requirements.

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